Saturday, August 27, 2005

I'm Back! (Take 2)

Wow, I haven't written anything here in 19 days! My goodness, how time flies when I can't access the internet 24/7 like I used to be able to do!!

Cable internet. It's not all its cracked up to be! Sometimes I'm on.... sometimes I off.... Seems I just thought I was back 19 days ago!

And it's NOT my computer, by the way. (That seems to be the favorite Cable-Guy default when they can't figure out how to make it all work.) That possible reason was ruled out by my computer tech guru when we eliminated an anti-virus software conflict.

Ah.... unreliability.... it's a real pet-peeve. But now that I've had my 3-minute poopey-time.... I'll get on to what I really wanted to write about.....

Praise for the wonders of internet research!

A friend of mine forwarded one of those if-then chain letters.... you know, the kind that says "send this to ___ people and your life will be ________."

I very rarely forward them. However, I AM an easy prey for quotes.... I LOVE quotes. And this one was full of them - supposidely forwarded by the Anthony Robbins Organizations. It seemed odd to me, though, that a multimillionaire motivational type guy would choose to send a chain letter.... so I went to his site (found through an internet search) and looked around. (I was thinking of putting the quotes here on my blog, but wanted to verify the source first because.... as you know, I AM a sucker for quotes!)

I also want to give accurate information and give credit where credit is due.

There was no mention of the letter on his site, nor could I find any of the quotes from the letter.

SO.... I did an internet search on the first quote from the letter to see if I could find its real owner, but found no one that owned up to saying it. However.... what I did find was fascinating!

There are several websites that list these quotes or a variation of them, along with varying degrees of other quotes as well. Some put their name on it, some attribute it to "unknown", and some leave the by-line completely off, making it look like those words of wisdom came from that website owner/writer's creative pen.


I found the BreaktheChain website! and the TRUTH.... All in less than 10 minutes!


(It's amazing what a person can do when they can actually get ON the internet! :)

Anyway.... I'm sure you're just squiggling in your chair to find out what the heck are these quotes that I'm talking about!

So, I'll start with the chain letter site so you can see the original letter in question, then give the other sites I looked at. Happy quote reading....

Oh yes, the search was made on this quote (which I still don't know where it originated):
Give people more than they expect
and do it cheerfully.

Here's the links:
(and that was only a few pages into the search findings!)

I feel I must add this disclaimer.... I am not faulting anyone for spreading motivating or inspiring words, or for passing along quotes of any kind. I'm just a stickler for wanting to know the source. Maybe it's the composer and teacher in me coming out. But I've always been very careful about giving credit when I've used other people's ideas.....

..... At least since 10th grade.... hm..... I just now realized where all this stickler-ish-ness is coming from.... the ONE time I did not pass the credit along to the true owner.... all because I was too shy to speak up....

Been feeling guilty ever since.....

Wow. Guess I'll go do some hail Mary's or count some rosery beads... or better yet, do some tapping (EFT - an amazing technique for clearing out unclaimed baggage!)

Here's to continuing the Journey... searching, finding, and discovering buried issues to clear! Whoo-who, ain't life grand!


Monday, August 08, 2005

I'm Back!

I have not been able to get on the internet since July 30. It's only been nine days, but it feels like nine years!

It doesn't make sense why this happened.... I changed hosting companies for my websites, got the new email set up, then poof! No more internet access - yet I was able to continue sending and receiving emails...?

But thanks to the magical handiwork of Matt at Appleberry Technologies, I'm now back on-line!

Thank you, Matt!!

Here's to continuing the Journey... on-line and off!