Sunday, January 30, 2005

Computer Crash Course

There's nothing like a computer crash to set you back and make you completely re-evaluate your life!

The fateful event happened two weeks ago.... I lost all my data.

Lesson number one, of course is: back up your files!

Lesson number two?

Taking a day or two (or three or four) off from the computer can give you a chance to focus on the "big picture" rather than your daily or weekly "to-do" list. Or, in other words, it gives you a chance to sit back and survey the "forest" instead of always focusing on the "trees."

Two weeks ago, I'd planned to finish up a composing project, getting it ready for publication. But without a computer, I decided to read a marketing book I'd been meaning to start - Attracting Perfect Customers, the Power of Strategic Synchronicity, by Stacey Hall and Jan Brogniez.

The first step they suggested for getting yourself "synchronized" was to list your values and define your mission in life.

Seven months ago, graduating from coaching school and setting up my practice, I'd come up with a mission, or purpose statement that seemed right:
The purpose of my life is to live with passion and open-hearted awareness, and to inspire others to do the same by digging deep into their soul and discovering the Truth.
Although this still feels right, it seems a little vague and airy-fairy now. The re-evaluation process brought me to a more specific focus:
My mission is to help others grow into their potential so they can live their purpose.
This statement combines teaching and coaching, giving a unified purpose to what I do. Also, it's exactly what I've doing too, personally and business-wise. You know, they say.... the best way to learn something is to teach it..... Well, here I am.

Here's to continuing the Journey.... surviving crash courses and teaching what you need to learn!


Saturday, January 08, 2005

Aid for Tsunami

I've been searching for the last two weeks for an answer to the questions:

How can I help the victims in Asia?
What is my part in all of this?

And this morning, I found the answers....
  • I am offering three coaching sessions at a greatly reduced rate to five people on a first come first serve basis and donating the money;
  • I am hosting a surrogate EFT telecall on Saturday, January 15 to send love and healing;
  • I am promoting Gary Craig's idea, (he's the founder of EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique) for a worldwide call for a group surrogate EFT Sunday at 9:00 am/pm Pacific Time.

For more information, please follow the title link.

Here's to continuing the Journey... and doing what I can to spread compassion and aid to those in need.


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Thrive in 2005 - in a Labyrinth of Goodies

"Thrive in 2005" seems to be the new buzz phrase in the coaching world....

In these five days of 2005, and in the last weeks of 2004, I've been doing a lot of thinking about "thriving" - wondering how in the world can I do that, and what would it look like? I'm pretty clear on the bottom line...

YES! I do want to THRIVE in 2005!

And NO, I don't want to just exist, or sort of accomplish things, or almost make it...

I must admit, 2004 was a good, but very busy year. I did accomplish a lot of things - won about six composition contests, wrote two commissioned pieces, received an all-expense-paid trip to Lithuania, performed in a lot of concerts, made my singing debut in a contemporary Christian band, became a certified life coach, met a lot of wonderful people, took some really awesome personal growth courses, and made a lot of progress in my journey toward wholeness....

However, I also ended the year financially depleted of resources, holding my breath that the next deposit would get there before the checks and debit card charges....

Thrive in 2005?

Looking back at the beginning of 2004, my mindset was more tuned to defensive living instead of pro-active living.

By this, I mean that I was mostly reacting to life. I was waiting on things to happen to me, then reacting to them instead of living pro-actively - setting intentions and looking for opportunities to succeed.

It's the difference in the feeling of running to catch your run-away, filled-to-the-brim shopping cart in a busy parking lot, hoping you catch it before it smashes into someone's car... verses pushing your cart through a labyrinth of wonderful goodies on a warm, summer day, where you can clearly see the layout of the labyrinth and all you have to do is choose the "goodies" you want to fill your cart with....

Ah, yes... I can feel the sun's warmth already.... and the "goody" choices look and smell especially yummy.... Guess it's all a matter of perspective....

Here's to continuing the Journey... living with pro-active intention and breathing in the abundance offered in the Labyrinth of Goodies.