Thursday, October 29, 2009

What You Focus On, You Create

This morning I got a first-hand experience of witnessing the RESULTS of this truth....

About a month ago I was experimenting with a new goals process I'd come across. The steps were to ...

  1. Write out your goals as 'intentions' (i.e. positive affirmations)
  2. Declare them twice a day by reading them out loud and visualizing each one as already accomplished
  3. Then, choose one intangible goal (like those that have to do with basic personality or character qualities) and once a day do a short self-hypnosis routine to anchor it into your subconscious mind
I did this religiously for about 14 days or so. Then gradually stopped and completely forgot about it.

The big intangible goal I was working on was "It's now easy for me to talk to others about what I do in any situation." One of the other intangible goals I'd written was "It's actually fun to go to marketing/networking events and share with people what I do." And this was really the "picture" I had in mind when I was doing the "easy for me to talk to others" one.

If you're an extrovert and love being around lots of people, this may not seem like a big deal. However, as a life-long extreme Introvert, the idea of going to any place filled with a room full of strangers and having to chat with them about anything typically fills me with dread and trepidation. It's not even near my list of "fun" things to do! And of course, because of this, I haven't racked up a lot of experience doing it either.

However.... What you focus on, you create.

Last week I was asking a friend how her new business was doing and she started telling me about her networking adventures. She was much like me.... a total newbie at it and not necessarily the first thing on her fun-list. But she was finding that she was actually having fun with it.

Then she invited me to go with her to the next BNI meeting. And for some reason, I said okay.... even though she said it was at 7:00 in the morning - ugh!!!

And low and behold.... This morning while driving to the meeting, I realized that I was actually "happy" about going. AND there was no nervous, dread kind of feeling in my stomach. I was actually looking forward to being there!!

That's when it hit me.... "Holy #$%^&, Batman. This stuff really works!"

Okay.... I didn't suddenly become an extrovert and talk to everyone there.... But I DID have a good time meeting people and came away from it feeling good, and energized to get busy with my day..... Which is what I'd set as my intention while getting ready this morning.

What you focus on... you really do create!

Here's to continuing the Journey... setting intentions and goals, talking to new people, and .... having fun!!


Thursday, October 08, 2009

A Morning Bird Message

I love these cool fall mornings when the sun is shining, watching the sun come up through the trees in ourback yard as I have my morning tea. To me, there's a sense of cleansing and renewal about it and a magical feeling of excitement. I even caught myself singing the Rogers and Hammerstein classic on my way to the shower, "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day; I've got a beautiful feeling everything's going my way."

On mornings like this, I sometimes leave the back door in the kitchen open so DC, my cat, can sit half in - half out - in safety but still sniffing the air..... while I have breakfast. This morning I decided to let the door stay open for awhile as I made my way to my office in the back bedroom of our house to begin my work day. After a bit, I noticed that DC was back in his usual morning place in the master bedroom. So I said to him, "Guess I'll go close the door so no critters get in."

As I turned the corner to go into the kitchen, I caught a glimpse of something moving by the kitchen window. I screamed and a bird zipped out of the curtains and flew out the open back door.
I closed the door and as I stood there a few moments trying to ascertain the potential meaning of a bird being in my house, I heard a commotion in the living room. It was another bird frantically trying to get out the front glass door that was NOT open. I went to open that door and the bird flew into the kitchen. So I opened the back door again and the bird flew out.

Hm, I thought.... I did ask for inspiration on what to write for this month's article while I was in the shower.... And just yesterday, I was having a conversation with a client about birds and their meaning - she'd had a bird fly into her house after coming home from her father-in-law's funeral.
So... I looked up bird meanings on the internet. I don't know what kind of bird it was except 'round' and 'brown,' so I had to go with general meanings.

Bird meanings:
  • Free of worry, carefree, light-hearted
  • Represent prophetic knowledge
  • The soul, transcendence, spirits of air, ascent
  • Communication, sight
  • Unity, Freedom, Community

All this was interesting.... but what did it mean for me?
Pondering this, I realized was just like anything else.... You can research and get other people's opinions about things... but ultimately you have to go within and listen to your own guidance. So I did.

What is the meaning of the two birds coming into my house this morning?

Rely on your Spirit - on your intuition. Free yourself from mental worries and concerns. Let your intuition and your connection to source, All-That-Is, guide you. Trust in Spirit - the life force within you - to bring to you all the good things you desire.

Sing the song you were singing in the shower - let that be your theme song - "Oh what a beautiful morning.... I've got a beautiful feeling everything is going my way."

Trust in the power of the universe. Trust in your Higher Power as a Spiritual Being. You ARE a powerful spiritual being. ACT AS IF THIS IS TRUE. It's not just wishful thinking. It goes beyond positive thinking.

You must BE it - embody it - LIVE it - breathe it - do everything as if it is true and it shall be so.

"Have faith and courage. Your prayers are manifesting, even if they aren't visible yet." - Doreen Virtue/Angel Numbers # 2

Here's to continuing the Journey... being open to receiving messages, helping frightened birds find the way out ... and being thankful for a cat who slept through the whole ordeal!