Saturday, December 27, 2008

Year End Ritual for clearing the old & bringing in the new

2008 has been a time of transition for me, or more accurately, a time of re-transitioning. In my search to find the “Real Me,” my life-journey has brought me full-circle – back to embrace the Musician, the true heart of Who I Am.

It’s interesting that in numerology, 2008 is a “10” year (2+8=10). Ten is the number of completion of journeys and returning to origins… Odysseus wandered for nine years and returned on the tenth. Troy was besieged for nine years and fell on the tenth. Ten is the sum of the number nine of the circumference with the one of the center – being perfection. In the Hebrew Kabbalah, ten is the numerical value of Yod, the Eternal Word, the first letter of the Divine name. To Pythagoras, the number 10 was perfection. Breaking down the 10 further: 10=1= Rebirth – that which stirs and awakens your soul at the time. (1)

2009 is a “2” year which is about duality and balance, stability and reflection. In Hebrew, 2 represents the life-force, wisdom and self-consciousness.(1) It’s also about learning, growing, with new models of partnership and harmony on the horizon. (3)

2009 (2+9) is 11 - which is a power, or master number (double digits repeating themselves). It represents intuition, revelation, artistic and inventive genius, and refinement fulfilled when working with a practical partner.(1) It’s about connection, collaboration, and partnership.

2009, I feel, will be a very important year, and with the energy of the master number, 11, it has the potential of being a very powerful year. So, it’s even more important to close out this year before moving forward into 2009.

Here is a simple but powerful ritual or ceremony (that I learned from my friend and collegue, Lynn Scheurell) to help you bring completion to 2008 and set your intentions for 2009. And if you can do it tonight (or during the new moon phase Dec 27- Dec 30), you’ll have the energy of the new moon of Capricorn supporting you. (Capricorn is very results-oriented and is all about getting your priorities straight, setting goals, and strengthening your resolve.)

Year End / New Moon Ritual

As you go through the steps below, set this intention for yourself:

“I am making a plan for success that will turn my dreams and goals into reality in 2009.”

First, you will need two pieces of paper. On one, write a summary (list or paragraph) of what 2008 was for you and who you were during the year. On the other, write a list or paragraph for who you are becoming and what you are intentionally attracting in 2009.

Then burn the 2008 piece of paper, releasing that energy to the Universe. You can light a red or white candle for this or use a chiminea or fireplace if you have one. Pay attention to thoughts and feelings that come to you as the paper burns. Notice if there are any symbols, shapes or messages in the flames or ashes that have particular significance to you.

When the paper has burned completely, if you used candles, you can blow them out to signify the end of that energy. If you are using a fireplace or chiminea, just state the intention that this energy is complete.

Now burn the 2009 piece of paper. (Relight the candles if you’re using them.) As the paper burns, send out your intentions, being aware of any potential messages coming to you.

When you are done, pay attention to any feelings or messages that may come to you as a result of this ritual. They are likely to be messages for the initiation of relationship between you and the energy of the new year. (2)

Here’s to continuing the Journey… clearing out the old… bringing in the new… as you align with your Inner Essence and live the Truth of Who You Really Are.


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Sunday, December 14, 2008

What Does Your Face Say About You?

My friend Lynn reads faces.... no really. It's pretty amazing.... and accurate, too!

Here's what she said about me.....

Those of you who know me.... what do you think? Does what she says match what you "see" in me?

Here's to continuing the Journey... learning and sharing insights for greater self-awareness.