Friday, March 24, 2006

The Secret is Out

If you have not seen The Secret – The Movie, stop everything and go check it out now. It will change your way of thinking…. It will change your life!

I’ve been studying their “secret” for many years now and didn’t realize it was a “secret”. But the way they explain the whole “secret” concept in the movie made it come alive to me, and suddenly it all made sense in a very powerful way. I internalized the concept, in that I finally understood it in my “body” – not just in my “head.”

Each of our lives, as we live it and experience it today is a culmination of our past thoughts and decisions. At every moment we have the power to choose a different way, a different thought…. a different experience.

Each thought we think today – right now – is a building block for what our life will be tomorrow.

You create your own universe as you go along. – Winston Churchill

And whether you create “heaven” or “hell” for yourself is all in how you use The Secret.

You can pay-for-view the 90-minute movie on-line for $4.95. Or get the DVD for $19.95. (you get $5 off the DVD if you purchase the on-line version first.)

It is worth the money and majorly worth the time!

If you’re serious about becoming all that you can be – aka reaching your potential as a human (spiritual) being – watch this movie. Things are a-changing….. and the “final frontier” in the 21st century is…. the Mind.

Here’s to continuing the Journey.... Being, Doing, Having... it all.... (watch the movie!)

- Becky

A new era in mankind....

Friday, March 10, 2006

Why Do We Resist Going Home?


A place of comfort, with a sense of groundedness and acceptance…. a feeling of ‘Yes! This is where I belong’…

If it feels so good and so ‘right’, why do we resist it?

Same reason we don’t do other things that we know make us feel good?… Like exercise, drink more water, call our best friend, follow up on a promising lead, finish that report we’ve been putting off…..

I’ve asked myself that question all my life and still don’t have a good answer!

Why do I put off practicing or writing music or any other of the activities that feed my soul? Only to find when I finally make myself do it, within five minutes or less, I’m totally ‘in the zone’ with it, feeling at home, centered, grounded…. Feeling ‘Yes! This is where I belong.’

Like tonight…. I’ve been putting off practicing all week, letting other things take priority. Finally, I sat down, opened the book, put my fingers on the keys and engaged the hand-eye coordination brain stuff….. and immediately felt – again – WHY do I put this off so hard when doing it is so euphoric!?

Does anybody else have this problem? Or is it just me?!?

I would love to hear some responses and get other people’s experiences on this.

Here’s to continuing the Journey….. asking why…. trying to understand life’s little peculiarities!


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I’m Giving Up All My Self-Sabotage Habits

In honor of the Lenten season, the first recorded ready-made Affirmation Song is now available – (I’m Giving Up All My) Self-Sabotage Habits!

There have been major improvements to the site. Check it out and let me know what you think!

You can purchase Self-Sabotage Habits – the mp3 – for only $1.00 (US)

And if you subscribe to the mailing list, you get a FREE copy of 13 Affirmation Songs on Melodies You Already Know.

It’s still in the beta stages, so please let me know of any glitches in the system.

The peculiarities I know about are:
  • after subscribing you are sent immediately back to the page you subscribed at. I’ll add a “Thank You” page when figure out how to connect it!

  • You’ll get a confirmation email for subscribing (it’s a double opt-in system). But the email that’s automatically sent out does not look very “friendly” or gives you much of a clue that you’ve subscribed to Affirmation I’ll fix that soon as I figure out how! In the meantime, go ahead and click on the link they give to confirm!! Otherwise, you won’t be added to the mailing list.

  • After purchasing the download through PayPal, you’ll get the normal receipt and I’ll get a notice that you purchased it. I haven’t figured out how to automatically send the download page yet (new autoresponder system too!). SO… I will send you the download info as soon as I can! (within 24 hours for sure!)

Think that’s it…..

Here’s to continuing the Journey….. stepping out and going for it!!