Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bee Unstopable

OK.... I don't like bees, wasps, or any of those little flying black insects who always seem to find me when I'm sitting outside.

Though I must say, the rapid heart palpitations and high-pitched screams when I see one flying close by have lessened over the past few years as I've worked on this fear.

However, when they fly directly at me, seeming to want to use me as their next landing pad.... a good-quality high-pitched scream (or two or three) will usually divert them. (If not, well, that's another story... :)

All that said...... I have had 2 bee visitors come into my kitchen this week - one yesterday and one today.

In our morning ritual - me and my cat, DC - I get coffee while DC nibbles his breakfast. Then I sit at the kitchen table to wake up, meditate, read, etc and he goes outside to do his kitty-cat thing. Also.... I usually leave the back door open a bit for him to come in and out while I'm sitting there. (Sitting at the table, I'm facing the glass door and window, looking outside.)

And so.... that's how the 2 buzzing visitors got into the kitchen in the first place.

Yesterday, (amazingly fairly calmly I might add), as the bee crawled along the side of the wooden chopping-block island thing in the middle of the kitchen, I firmly instructed it to turn around and go back outside as I visualized it (calmly) buzzing itself out the still-opened door.

Unfortunately, it seemed to be very happy staying where it was and totally ignored me.

This morning, same thing.... except this bee was fascinated by the potted plant sitting on the island and kept buzzing back and forth from the surface of the island to the plant non-stop.

So I had to get tough both times.

Since we were out of wasp spray, I had to resort to the ol' hair spray technique. (It has worked on wasps in the past..... stiffening their little wings and immobilizing them.)

Well, yesterday and today I learned that it doesn't have the same affect on bees.

It makes them fly around crazy and erratic like a .... well, like a pissed off bee!

However... through it all, I'm amazingly calm as I crouch bravely in the doorway from the living room into the kitchen (ready to run down the hall if needed) - with hair spray in hand, aimed and ready like a sword fighter ready for attack.....

All the while.... still visualizing the bee buzzing itself out the opened door, instructing it to "go to the light.... go to the light!"

After several minutes, it finally finds the door opening and goes on its merry way and I quickly close the door behind it.

So after the second day of this..... I'm wondering WHAT the heck!! What's the message here??

Searching the Internet for symbolic meanings.... I found that bees symbolize communication and community, celebration and personal power, as well as action and our ability to consciously choose the results we want in our lives.

All of which is interesting since I've been 'busy as a bee' working on a new class I'm teaching for the first time this Saturday. (Stop the Financial Struggle: Discover the Secret to Money Success)

AND for the past two nights, I've had to face my reluctance (... okay, "fear") of calling people on the phone as I've spent an hour or so making phone calls to past clients and prospects inviting them to the class.....

Still wondering what it all means for me specifically, I asked my Guides (and the Bees) for more information. Here is what I got....

Bee unstoppable and determined.
Bee motivated and focused.
Stay focused on the light within and the abundance that you are.
Communicate with vision and preciseness.
All is well... And will turn out even better than you planned.
Here's to continuing on the Journey.... surviving surprise visitors... and finding guidance and meaning in the unexpected.....


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